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Fall Skin Tips

Fall Skin Tips

This time of year is my favorite and to enjoy Fall Fabulously, I can't recommend products without lifestyle tips to set you up for success. Of course my go-to products for water and oil depleted skin is to use what is naturally abundant this time of year without coincidence - pumpkin! They are rich in carotenoids, which are great protective antioxidants and what gives it it's rich orange hue. But don't stop there, eat as much of these carotenoids as well; Sweet potatoes, carrots, pumpkin, and squashes to name a few.


 If we are on the same page that everything has energy and everything is energy, then it is safe to say that dirt and dust indeed...have energy. In fact, 75-90% of dust in the home is dead skin cells. 

Ever notice when you enter a place that is clean, it just "feels" good?  You can simply tell that it's clean and welcoming? 

Well, most of us are accustomed to Spring Cleaning in the spring but technically we should do that kind of detailed cleaning and clearing of dirt and energy every quarter! Now, is the perfect time to deep clean your house, office and special spaces again.


When you can tell a place is clean, it is because the matter has been swept up, removed, wiped, and at the least, stirred up and reallocated. You are feeling this cleanliness in an energetic form and then secondarily you see it, smell it and recognize it as clean. The settled dust mites of your body that shed, the outside world's dirt your brought inside and all the energies of good, bad, sad or indifferent since your last cleaning. It's all accumulative, as with everything.

I feel this is important as a holistic skin care expert because you cannot clean your self of said debris and not your environment. When you clean your skin you are washing off the entire day's interactions and exposures. From the energy you emitted all day (imagine if you had a stressful day), other people's energy you came in contact with, to environmental factors such as UV rays, smoke, smog, and pollution. 


I personally end each day with a salt bath to bathe these energies and the physical debris I speak of off me, which sets me up for a peaceful night's sleep because I simply refuse to take the aforementioned to bed with me. 

So, now is the time to deep clean your house for the upcoming hibernation we will embark upon with hot cider, hot cocoa and fuzzy socks and scarves.

Ways to set yourself up for a successful new season:

- Burn white sage to clean your house and office of stale energies

- Open the windows for fresh lively air to come in while stale air and energies can    get out and stay out.

- Diffuse Clove oil, as it is a great natural antibacterial and anti-fungal essential oil.

(My favorite is to put several drops on my vacuum's hepa filter prior to vacuuming)

- Wash all your rugs in your house and get a fresh door mat (can you say 'ultimate     dirt traps?!' )  

- Hose off the exterior of your house.

- Launder pillows and blankets from the couch and the fur babies' pillows as well.

- Bathe the fur babies.

- Schedule your professional facial to deep clean and restore yourself.

Eat your caretenoids and hydrate the skin with them.

Nothing is better than to go ahead and set yourself up for a successful, book reading, cider drinking, face masking snuggle session in a clean cozy dwelling.


Sarah Chatley
Organic Skin Den

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