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Summer Skin Tips by Sarah Chatley

Summer Skin Tips by Sarah Chatley


Hi lovlies! 

One of my favorite self care treats is getting facials from my friend Sarah Chatley. She owns the most adorable studio called "Organic Skin Den". She is a master of all things wellness, and skin related topics and I constantly find myself picking her knowledgable brain.  Sarah doesn't just give you a facial, she gives you an experience. Her studio is cozy, and filled with essential oils which provides the perfect place to relax. During your treatment, she incorporates reiki, and the most amazing massage. At the end of your treatment, she also provides you with the perfect regimen for your skins needs.

Needless to say, she's amazing. And today she is sharing with us some of her summer skin tricks. ENJOY!!

Summer Skin Scoop: Be in tune with Nature
by Sarah Chatley of Organic Skin Den


*Eat and drink your water

Yeah yeah yeah….we all seem to know this, but most find themselves not instilling this ‘knowledge’. I have heard a Lot of ‘i know i should but I don't’ excuses.

If our bodies are made of approximately 60% water and we don't hydrate it, we get headaches, Charlie horses, muscle aches, pains, false hunger pains, mood swings and skin lesions of all sorts. It's equivalent to not having any oil in your car on a road trip. Things will malfunction, guaranteed.

And the beauty of nature is so spot on, it's foolproof. She provides us with berries of all sorts, fresh green water-filled cucumbers and leafy greens, limes, lemons, pineapple and melons made of water ( literally) to consume during her hotter months. So drink up and eat your water, to help your body self regulate. She took the guess work out of it for you, all you have to do is consume what she's provided.



*Eat your ‘Maters

Tomatoes are filled with vitamins A,C,E and Lycopene. These produce skin protection from the inside. And if you did get a little carried away with your sun exposure you can put the ‘maters on your skin for some pretty instantaneous relief!



*Kiss the sun

Everyone focusses on covering up and while not getting burned is ideal, there is indeed a balance to getting a healthy dose of the sun's rays. He gives all things life, so to avoid that huge star in our daily sky simply goes against nature.

A perfect dose of vitamin D (which can affect approximately 2000 genes in our bodies) is to the point of pink skin. One you've turned pink, thats your body telling you it is at maximum Vitamin D absorption for the day and it is now time to cover up. If you go beyond that pinkness you only get burned, you don't absorb more D.


*Wear Zinc SPF

When you are outside for extended periods of exposed time, wear a Zinc based and or titanium dioxide based SPF. Both zinc and titanium are minerals that are good for and healing to the skin in their own right. My favorites are Pretty Mommies (available at Organic Skin Den) and ThinkBaby.

By all means avoid avobenzone & oxybenzone. They are just a few chemicals to name that break down once exposed to the sun's rays and therefore lose their protection factor.

This is a huge cause in getting sunburns by people due to having a false sense of protection.



*Wear cotton clothes.

Cotton is a plant and so by intelligent design it is naturally weatherproof, durable, insulated and controls moisture while being hypoallergenic. It can actually soak up to 20% of its weight before it feels damp to the touch. Other materials that are synthetic are actually oil-based, doing the opposite effect of cotton and making your summer hotter, wetter, stickier and stinkier and makes for perfect breeding ground for acne on the body. Not to mention they are un-environmentally friendly.

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you learned as much as I did :)
You can learn more about Sarah and her services by clicking here.


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