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Cleaning Tips: Life with Pets

Cleaning Tips: Life with Pets

Living with 5 pets can be exhausting at times. The accidents, spills, shredded blankets, lip stick stains, pet hair, and smells. Our house is not perfect by any means, but after much practice (and error) I have finally figured out what works for me :) 


1. Clean up accidents as soon as they happen -
First, I clean up the mess with recycled paper towel, thoroughly spray Biokleen Enzyme Cleaner on the area, and let the cleaner work its magic for 5-10 minutes and then thoroughly wipe it dry. It completely eliminates odors, and smells amazing. They have a variety of non toxic products that i'm obsessed with.  Order yours here.

2. Sweep / vacuum everyday -
I know what you are on earth am I going to find time the time? If you don't let the hair build up its actually simple to keep clean :)  a quick 10 minute clean up works wonders when living with pets and/or kids. 


3. Essential Oils -
I fill an empty spray bottle with water and add 10-15 drops of my favorite PET FRIENDLY essential oils and spritz furniture, and floors for a quick refresh. It's like a giant diffuser for your entire house. I also have a few diffusers through out our home to purify the air. I enjoy 'Purification' from Young Living. 

4. Damp Cloth for Pet Hair Removal -
It sounds crazy....but using a damp cloth with a few drops of E0  is the quickest way to remove pet hair from furniture. The hair sticks directly to the rag and is easy to remove so you can continue getting rid of the pet fuzz. It is actually wayyyyyy easier than using a lint roller, or vacuum. 


5. Clean those bowls weekly!! 


6. Waterless Shampoo -
Keeps your pups smelling fresh!! I use Burts Bee's with a few added drops of Lavender :)

7. Pretty Litter -
This product has changed my relationship with my cats! I hate dealing with the litter box - but this incredible new formula only requires the box to be changed once a month, and seriously has zero smell!! It also detects health issues before your kitties are showing signs of illness by changing color when the Ph shifts. Hint the name, Pretty Litter ;) buy yours here .


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