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Dining Room Tour!

Dining Room Tour!

Hi friends!

This room tour has been a topic I have been excited to share for weeks! It has been so fun creating this space, and i'm super thankful for The Novogratz for designing the most dreamy rug that has brought this space together! Room details will be posted at the bottom of the post :)


First, let me give you little history on our home. Brad and I call it our "Willy Wonka house" because there have been strange additions, and room rearranges over the years. When we were replacing the floor in the kitchen and dining room we discovered original hardwoods where our now "dining room" is, which made us believe it used to be a bedroom. Because of the layout, there were several places we could technically use as a dining room. We had originally made the "sunroom" the dining room, but decided it felt a little too distant so we decided to connect it with the kitchen, and i'm glad we did! :) we love the way our dining room feels now! 


One thing that I have really focused on since buying our home was consistency. In all of our rentals/apartments everything always felt mixed matched, and thrown together. I have really focused on minimizing and trading out pieces that I wasn't crazy about. I still have some work to do but have made definite progress!:)


I struggled for the longest time to find a rug that fit the esthetics of this room. I really loved the fur look, but I felt so guilty buying real fur. When I came across this rug I fell in love. It's the softest thing you have ever felt, and super easy to clean! The Novogratz know how to do functional/ modern on a budget! 


This is the view from the kitchen!


Since there is only one window in this room, It was really important to keep the room bright and airy. Very minimal art, and tons of plants :) our plan is to someday open the door way going into the sunroom, and add french doors to make the space even brighter. Thats pretty far down our list of things to do right now though!


My husband Brad created most of the art pieces that you see in our home. His creativity continues to amaze me. If you'd like to see more of his work click here :)


I purchased these adorable hexagon shelves from Target for $5! They are the perfect place to hang plants, and cute accessories. 


As soon as the new rug arrived, Twiggy immidiately claimed it as her new napping spot :)


Thanks for taking a look into our home! Feel free to ask questions in the comments, and subscribe if you enjoy the posts :)

xo- Amanda

light fixture / rug / pink arm chairs / white eames chairs

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