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Glitter Bathroom Floor DIY

Glitter Bathroom Floor DIY

This project has become one of my favorite accidents. What started as a simple painting project, turned into a glitter party.


First, I started with a layer of Kilz, and let it dry for six hours before applying white floor paint from Ace Hardware. After drying, I felt that the floor needed a little sparkle, so I added a little bit of gold glitter to my final coat of Polyurethane. 


Quickly, I noticed that it was clumping along the edges, and not distributing evenly. I knew I had to add another layer to even it out. I had seen a few merchants utilize solid glitter floors, and loved the look so I decided that's what had to happen in order for them to look consistent. 


First I applied about 10 inches of poly and threw glitter on it, and continued until the entire floor was covered. Let it dry, and then repeated the process. Executing the task, I employed this step four times to get the floor solid gold. It took about three days overall. 


I went through three bottles of glitter and polyurethane for this project which cost around $100 total. 


I'm obsessed with how it turned out! It adds so much sparkle, and personality to this small room.


The rest of the room is obviously filled with gold and pink accents. The original pink tile is to die for, and has amazing history behind it. 


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