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Backyard Chickens

Backyard Chickens

If you are an animal lover like me, you've probably dreamed about having goats, chickens, or any other type of small farm animal. Growing up in Texas, my family raised 4 pigs from piglets to adults. It was such a fun experience and I fell in love with them.

My husband Bradley and I had talked about getting a few chickens to raise for eggs, and decided a few months ago that it was time! We drove down to Murfreesboro Tn to the Funky Feathers Farm to pick out our girls. We wanted a variety of colored eggs, and the owners of the farm were super helpful and guided us to some really cool breeds. :) i'd definitely recommend them if you are interested in getting a few chicks! They were super helpful. 


It has been so fun learning about raising Organic laying hens. They start out on starter chick feed, and gradually move up to "growing feed" and finally "laying feed". Our girls are just now at the age where they are eating the laying feed, so we should start seeing eggs very soon! They love when I feed them treats, and table scraps. Their favorite treats are strawberries and peppers!

 From day one I have had anxiety about their safety. Chickens are prone to attract predators, so we decided to surround, and tack down chicken wire around the entire surface of the coop to protect anything from digging. I also only let them free range when I'm home. I sounds mean - but something could sneak in our backyard, or a larger bird could swoop down and attack them at any point. I keep their coop clean, and full of happy treats so my birds are well taken care of :) 


I have also learned that its important to keep the coop clear of flies, and harmful bugs such ticks and fleas. I use a non toxic spray and lightly spritz the birds and cage regularly. Chickens are very sensitive to chemicals so its very important to keep the yard and cleaning products toxin, and mold free. 

Are girls are three different breeds. Lucy - the black and white hen is a Barred Rock. Ethel - the red hen is a cross between a Welsummers, and an Olive Egger. Dot - the cutie with the poof on her head is unknown. I can't seem to locate the breed she is. If anyone has an ideas let me know! :)


Over all, learning how to take care of chickens has been so rewarding, and Its a ton of fun once you get the hang of it! I am by no means a chicken expert, I am still constantly googling information but it's fun sharing it with you all. If you have backyard chickens i'd love to know your tips and tricks! :) 

Feel free to leave any questions in the comments!



ps. we chose to buy the coop off of Amazon. I plan on painting it white and pink to match our house, but it's cute as is for now :)