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If you know much about me, you know I'm not a huge drinker. With all of my auto immune issues, my body literally rejects alcohol, and the only beverages that don't completely screw me over are fresh margaritas and cocktails with low sugar content. I'm allergic to sulfites in wine, and I don't do beer because of the gluten. However, even sulfite free and gluten free beers seem to upset my stomach because of the sugar content, which leaves me very limited on what I can drink. Our favorite thing to do is have dinner parties with friends. One reason being is because drinking in public is super expensive, and it allows me to control the sugar content in beverages.  Here are my favorite margaritas in town! Feel free to comment with your places :)



Cafe Madera in Mariatchi Plaza -
Nolensville Pike

One of our new favorite place in town.  An entire plaza dedicated to Spanish culture. Amazing shops, music, and food, and my personal favorite margarita in town. It's so fresh. They also have an amazing happy hour. 


Little Donkey -

Cute, delicious taqueria in Germantown with an incredible patio. My favorites are the sparkling, and frozen margs. At my last visit the frozen margaritas were only $4! Such an amazing deal. 


Burger Up-
12s / East Nashville

Surprisingly enough, Burger Up has a magical margherita with an amazing combination of jalapeños, and lime. Super refreshing, and a different twist on your typical Margherita. 


312 Pizza Co -

Chicago style pizza company with an amazing cocktail menu, including a super clean/fresh margherita. At 312 they only use the freshest/organic/purest ingredients which is one of the many reasons I love them. They have gluten free/vegan options as well. Heart eyes all around.

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Watermelon Jalapeño Margherita 🍉

Watermelon Jalapeño Margherita 🍉