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Fashion Color At Home Care

Fashion Color At Home Care

ALL fashion colors (bright hair color that is applied to blonde hair) are semi, or possibly a demi permanent hair color that lasts 3-10 washes depending on the shade. Since it doesn't require an activator, it is merely sitting on the outer shell of the hair, which is why it fades so quickly. Here are my tips to obtaining colors.

1: SHAMPOO IN COLD WATER! Water naturally raises the PH of the hair, and HOT water blasts open the cuticle resulting in premature fading. Cold water keeps that cuticle closed, allowing the color molecule to stay longer. 


2. COLORED CONDITIONER. After every fashion color service I mix my clients a customized colored conditioner to use in-between salon visits. Apply in the shower after every shampoo, and comb it through for even distribution. Allowing it to sit as long as possible with allow for maximum deposit, resulting in brighter color. 


3. SHAMPOO AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE. I know its rough, but using dry shampoo and skipping superrrrr frequent shampoos will keep those strands brighter longer!

4. SKIP THE CHLORINE. Seriously. This is one of the biggest color killers. If you DO chose to hop in, coat your hair will conditioner beforehand. That will create a barrier, and keep the cuticle closed. 


5. PROPER HAIR PRODUCTS. Avoid shampoos with harsh chemicals, sulfates, and parabens. These are stripping to the hair, AND your color. Also always use heat protectant, (my favorite is Unite 7seconds leave in conditioner) and invest in a good at home treatment to keep the hair strong in-between lightening services.


If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments.




Microblading before + after

Microblading before + after