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Living Room Refresh!

Living Room Refresh!

Two of my favorite hobbies are decorating, and re-arranging furniture. One of the biggest reasons I am a bargain hunter is because I often get bored with a design, and find myself moving things around from room to room until I am happy with the layout. 

tip: when you buy new furniture, sell your old things on a garage sale site, or craigslist. You will be surprised at how often you will break even :)


We recently had this light fixture added. The room was super dark, and we love the esthetic it added to the room. We also relocated our Novogratz rug in here :) still obsessed with its beauty. 


As soon as we started designing our B&B, we decided to move our futon sofa down there to accommodate more guests. We had been looking at sectionals and settled on this affordable one from Amazon. We are super pleased with it. 


Our old entertainment center was rather bulky, and I had owned it for over 7 years. It had been repurposed to the point of no return. We wanted something sleek, modern, and large enough to accommodate our growing record collection. We chose this one from Wayfair


We painted our gutted piano white for a more modern look. We love the way it turned out!


We have also relocated our bar cart, blanket basket and some plants in to this room. I'm calling this corner the "cactus corner". its a really bright area, so I think these guys will thrive in here. 


Thanks for reading :) I love hearing from you all. Please feel free to comment if you have any questions!


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