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What's In My Makeup Bag!

What's In My Makeup Bag!

Being in the beauty industry and trying to find safe alternatives that really work has been a struggle for years. By the middle of a busy work day my makeup would be running off my face in just a few hours, and I couldn't provide special occasion makeup because I didn't feel comfortable using toxic products, or products that wouldn't last all day. After years of trying to find something I loved, my friend Caitlin introduced me to Limelight by Alcone. She is a health coach, professional makeup artist/esthetician and I completely trust her opinion when it comes to healthy products. All of their products are Professional Grade, Leaping Bunny Certified, and derived from the highest quality ingredients. And the coolest part is that everything is SUPER affordable! :) they also have amazing Organic Skin Care!  

Here is my 5 minute routine! :)


1. Limelight Primer - 
The perfect start to long lasting makeup! It's paraben, and cruelty free and Is formulated especially for sensitive skin types. It contains healing properties such as aloe for long term skin benefits! Healthy skin, and long lasting makeup. Yes please!


2. Limelight Botanical Foundation -
professional creamy foundation that is light weight, non-clogging and lasts all day!


3. Limelight Waterproof Concealer - 50% pigmented and completely waterproof! works wonders on under eyes, problem areas, and makes an incredible waterproof foundation when mixed with a skin oil. Perfect for hot summer days!


4. Eyeshadow for brows, and eyes! 


5. Limelight translucent setting powder -
creates a matte finish and is perfect for setting foundation/concealer.


6.  Perfect Bronzer, and blush! My favorite is blush #3! 


7. 10 Years Younger Finishing Spray -
Creates EXTRA long lasting results and sets everything perfectly so that there are no creases :)



8. Perfect Eyeliner Pen-
the tiniest little pen creates a perfect shape, is simple to use, and DOES NOT SMUDGE. 


9. Perfect Mascara - 
small fibers create the perfect amount of length, and volume. no runs, or smudge!


10. Enduring Lip Colors -
if you know me at all, you know I am obsessed with lip color! you will hardly ever catch me running around town without some sort of color on my lips. When switching to non toxic products the hardest thing for me to find was matte long lasting lip colors. Limelight has completely nailed it! These are my favorite. There isn't a shade i haven't loved. The color i'm wearing below is called Macaroon :) 


Thanks so much for reading :)

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